Bremen surprises with a medieval and maritime atmosphere.

Look for handicrafts in the idyllic old town, eat 'Rollos' in the trendy district, take a harbour cruise, and walk in colourful parks. In Bremen you can also see the famous town musicians 'Bremer Stadtmusikanten'.

The World in 5 Minutes – Schönes Deutschland | Book 1

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From Bremen Airport the tram line 6 takes you to the city center in only 11 minutes. Rail passengers can walk from Bremen Central Station to the city center. You can find the tourist information at the main station and in the city center.


We recommend ACHAT Hotel Bremen City*. An alternative is Select Hotel City Bremen*. Both accommodations are centrally located, only a few minutes' walk from Bremen's main railway station and they offer parking lots.

Places of interest

The famous 'Stadtmusikanten' from the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm and Roland are the landmarks of the Hanseatic city Bremen. You will find them on the market place, which is a good starting point for your visit. St. Petri Dom from the 11th century is the oldest church of Bremen. For a nice view a spiral staircase leads to the nearly 100 meters high tower. Together with the 600-year-old town hall , the Roland statue is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Behind the beautiful town hall facade you can also dine well. In the historical Ratskeller (Ad) you get North German and Bremen specialities.

The famous Böttcherstraße is an architectural and cultural highlight. The small shops in the Art Déco houses sell handicrafts and souvenirs. In the Handwerkerhof you can watch the handmade delicacies being made in the Bremen candy factory .


Only a few steps away is the medieval quarter Schnoor. In the half-timbered houses you will find small craft shops, galleries, cafés and restaurants. Perlerie offers African handicrafts and a gigantic selection of colourful pearls. A nice retro shop is the Schnooroase with nostalgic articles made of metal. The historical Weser promenade Schlachte, formerly the port of Bremen, is perfect for walking and cycling. Excursion ships sail up to the North Sea to Bremerhaven. Take a look at the art tunnel at Osterdeich, which was lined with prints by Johann Büsen.


Show the world that you are in Bremen.

Rollos are filled and rolled up thin pancakes and a culinary invention of Bremen. You can eat the best rollos in the trendy quarter around the Viertel next to Ostertorsteinweg, for example in the Café Piano or the oriental snack house Tandour. The quarter is famous for street art, hip cafés and cult pubs such as the chilly 'Wohnzimmer'.

The historic Bremen ramparts, once part of the city fortifications, wind their way along the city centre and are a wonderful place to relax. You can have brunch at the historic Mill at the weekend. Bürgerpark and the adjoining city forestare ideal for extensive cycling and walking tours, boat trips and sunbathing. This is also where you will find Universum, which took us on an interactive trip into the world of science and inspired us.


Getting around in Bremen

You can explore the city center on foot . But cycling is also popular, as Bremen is the third most popular cycling city in Europe. There is a free bike navigation app, repair stations, charging stations for e-bikes  and a bicycle parking garage. All information is available here.

If you want to use public transport , the day ticket is profitable for one person from the third journey and for two people from the second journey. This link will help you find a parking space.

Rental car

With a rental car you can explore even more beautiful places in the area. Hamburg and Hanover are each only 120 kilometers away. Book your car now via the following link:

Bremen is a city with a lot of young people and an inspiring lifestyle – as likeable as Hamburg.
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