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Everything we do, we believe in finding the most beautiful places in the world. We believe in thinking positive. The way we find them is by travelling the world, meeting divers people and exploring cities & nature. And we happen to make great 5-minute videos. Wanna watch them?

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David Siemetzki theTravellers Feedback

David Siemetzki


"10 days, instead of 3 weeks for Miami, Key West, Everglades and Orlando are no problem for them - of course all important sights included."

Daniela Fink theTravellers Feedback

Daniela Fink

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"Thomas and Cengiz are spontaneous and flexible. Shooting with the two videos is really great fun. They produce top-quality videos."

Alexandra Johnen Holland

Alexandra Johnen

"We have cooperated with theTravellers several times and were always very satisfied! The cooperation was professional and straightforward, the films all made us want to travel to Dutch cities!"

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Crete in 5 minutes

A villa in Crete with a great view and a huge pool, the beautiful cities Chania and Heraklion, unique nature: Kalimera in Crete! The Greek island Crete offers the perfect mix of active and relaxing tours.

Gothenburg in 5 minutes

Gothenburg. The beautiful harbour city is Sweden's second largest city after Stockholm. Delicious cinnamon buns, exciting tours, lots of nature. We show you: Gothenburg in 5 minutes.

Trier in 5 minutes

Trier, the oldest city in Germany. Founded more than 2000 years ago, Trier was even once the capital of the Roman Empire. The city is famous for Porta Nigra, Roman bathhouses and for its location along the Moselle River.

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