Think positive and travel well.


Respect the Culture

Different countries, different customs. It is and it always will be. Despite our globally networked world, our cultures are different. That is good. It is important to us that we all create a greater awareness of the differences when travelling. Inform yourself about the destination before you start your journey. Bring suitable clothing, e.g. for a visit to a mosque or temple, behave accordingly with your partner and your activities (no caresses in public? No alcohol on the street etc.). Respect other cultures and learn from them. Even if it is strange or you are not behind it.


Believe in yourself

You can do it! Believe in yourself and everything will be okay. Think positive! In the planning and preparation of your trip you will get all kinds of support online or privately. Watch our videos in our YouTube channel "theTravellers". In our travel blog "The World in 5 Minutes" you will find a lot of information, tips and tricks for many travel destinations worldwide. But the most important thing is that you believe in the positivity. If you think that it works, then it will work! Try it out, you will find out: Positive thoughts attract positive happenings. 


Be proud to share

With everyone. Share your experiences, your knowledge, your tips with other travellers. Be proud of what you have experienced and be proud to share it. Sharing is trending: Airbnb, Car Sharing, Scooters and more. Be proud.


Celebrate happiness

Celebrate happiness. That says it all.


Search for positivity

Embark on a journey to positivity. Why are other people happy? What makes them positive? What is so great about other countries? Is it really the good climate, blue sky and sun all day long? Every journey should be a journey for all of us to search for positive energy. With this energy you take with you to your home country. Share your happiness.  


Travelling supports diversity

Everyone is different. We appreciate this, encourage this and respect other people, cultures, customs and traditions. Diversity stands for the free development of each of us. When you travel, you get to know new things and understand more and more why people do things and don't do them. People are different, live, love and laugh differently. That is beautiful. Go on like that! 


Do less get more

Less is more, right? That's what the Travel Manifesto says, because it's not about seeing a lot, it's about intensity. It's different for each traveller. Some get bored earlier than others. For everyone, different things and activities are important. "Do less get more" makes you think about the focus of your thoughts and actions. Why should you do something you don't really want to do? Especially when travelling? Think about it. 

Travel positive and travel well.
theTravellers Thomas und Cengiz
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