Positive Vibes Only. Vom Doppelpack zum Viererteam

Cengiz and Thomas. The story begins in Cologne. Two students, one course of study: media cultural studies. It's 2011. We're both thinking positively. Always. We become friends.

theTravellers Thomas und Cengiz

Two Friends. 

Time is moving on. A few days, weeks, months go by. Then we go on our first trip together: Barcelona. Viva España. Sun, beach, siesta. In the luggage: a camera and two smartphones with terribly bad camera functions. We don't make videos. We only take pictures. We take the camera to all the sights, to musicians, market vendors, take pictures from viewpoints around the city and take pictures of our feet on the beach overlooking the sea. Back in Cologne, we invite family and friends to photo evenings. We put tapas on the table and drink sangria. We tell about our positive experiences. 

Some journeys went by.

2014. The moment has come. We're filming. First, just a few musicians, sometimes in Rome, sometimes in Venice. In Stockholm we start planning to shoot with the camera to cut a film. And because the photo evenings are not enough for us, we upload our Stockholm video on YouTube and wait for the first comments. It happens exactly...nothing. We wait. We tell friends about it. A few commentaries. Maybe nobody wants to watch 11 minutes of video on YouTube? We keep on doing it. It'll be fine. Think positive.

5 minutes - The concept.

We are working on the branding of our YouTube channel "theTravellers“. The research costs a lot of time. How do we want to perform? Who is our target group? What is our vision and mission? Which video concept? We know that we have to try out a lot. Nevertheless, we set some basic rules for our channel. The most important insight is that we have to create recognizability. This is happening on the one hand through us, Thomas and Cengiz as theTravellers, but also through the concept of presenting cities in 5 minutes. We have to admit at this point that smaller cities get 3 minutes of broadcasting time. Budapest in 5 minutes is our first video based on a new concept. Cologne in 5 minutes follows. Bit by bit we travel the world. Europe is geographically optimal for us. Then we travel through Asia, America and finally Africa. Our first long distance destinations are Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Krabi in one tour. In America we fall in love with San Francisco. The beautiful island of Mauritius is the first African destination on our scratch map to be scratched free. 


We continue to grow.

It's 2023, more followers, more random "Hello, aren't you theTravellers from YouTube?" on our travels. And that's not all. Our travel blogger team continues to grow. From two, make 4. We continue to grow. More places, more videos, more discoveries. Florian and Raphael are joining us. Two passionate travellers: Florian, the inventive one. He always finds a solution when things get stuck. And Raphael - the good soul. Together we offer our large travelling community even more of the world.  

And now?

We continue to write our story. Day by day. And we are planning big things. We are currently working together with various tourism teams. With the help of co-operations, we are promoting cities in Germany, "Holland" and America, Scandinavia and many more. We are travelling worldwide. We film for ourselves and others. We shoot videos on request, even if it's not about travelling. We also promote products that we believe fulfil a meaningful purpose. We love our work and think positively. Always.

Best comes last.

And we thank our fans. With you, our blog theTravellers gains value day by day. We share our knowledge and experience, you share your tips and tricks. Be inspired and inspire us! Thanks Travellers!


Why we do what we do? We seek positive energy worldwide. The beautiful sides of a country.


Travel enriches. It makes you more positive and our vision is to bring positivity to people's philosophy. Because only with a positive attitude you can achieve what you want. And we want you to be happy and achieve what you want.

Travel Manifest

Travelling means taking responsibility. In our Travel Manifest we have summarised what is important to us when travelling and what we would like you to take away.

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