Lübeck is a world cultural heritage site, the 'marzipan city' and gateway to the Baltic Sea.

Maritimes Flair und leckerer Fisch, Freiheit und Erholung. Das alles findest du in Lübeck. Travemünde ist mit dem weitläufigen Strand sehr beliebt. Die Stadt eignet sich perfekt für einen Tagestrip – zum Beispiel, wenn du in Hamburg oder auf Fehmarn bist.

The World in 5 Minutes – Schönes Deutschland | Book 1

This is our Book for the video. It is the perfect addition for Lübeck and other popular cities in Germany.


The nearest Airport is located in Hamburg und ist etwa 1 Stunde mit dem Auto und anderthalb Stunden mit der Bahn erreichbar.  

At the main railway station Lübeck Express trains also stop. From Hamburg central station it takes only 45 minutes.


Lübeck is a city with many nice places to stay. We recommend a cosy private room in the Hansekammern*. If you are looking for a relaxing wellness hotel, the Atlantic Hotel Lübeck* is the right place for you.

Places of interest

In Lübeck you start your tour at the Holsten Gate, denn es ist das Wahrzeichen der Stadt. Die Stadt gibt damit an, dass es so bekannt ist wie das Brandenburger Tor in Berlin oder der Kölner Dom 😉 Am Holstentor befindet sich auch die tourist information.

Lübeck was of great importance in the Middle Ages because the merchants were very successful here. Today there are still many Hanseatic buildings from that time in the city. In 1987 the old town was declared a UNESCO world heritage site . This includes the Füchtingshof. In 1636, a councillor named Johann Füchting determined a third of his inheritance "for the benefit and best of the poor". At that time, respected citizens established foundations to provide the widows and orphans of sailors and merchants. Today, the corridors and courtyards are still inhabited, so be considerate when visiting these places.


The town hall is one of the most beautiful in Germany. Guided tours take place here every day.

The Holy Spirit Hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Europe. Today it is no longer in operation. During the Advent season it offers rooms for the most famous craftsmen's market in Lübeck.

Lübeck is also known as the 'marzipan city'. For example, the company Niederegger produces up to 30 tons of marzipan - following the original recipe for decades. The family business also owns a café in the middle of the city, and for non-marzipan fans there are many other cakes and confectionery products. Our favourite: Marzipan-nut cake with a marzipan cappuccino. 

Travemünde is only 20 kilometers away from Lübeck. Here you will find the freshest fish sandwiches you have ever eaten and a wide sandy beach. Here it is often windy, rather unsuitable for chilling out, but perfect for windsurfing.


Transport in Lübeck

In the city centre of Lübeck you can reach many sights on foot. You can get to Travemünde either by boat or by car. You can find more information about public transport here.

Rental car

With a rental car you can easily explore the other cities individually. For example, drive to Timmendorf beach or make a day trip to the Baltic Sea island Fehmarn. Book your car now via the following link:

We both fell in love with the marzipan from Lübeck. So delicious!
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